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You are a U.S. citizen and wish to obtain permanent resident status for your siblings, your brothers and sisters. Immigration issues require skilled and professional handling. We help clients with obtaining visas, preparing petitions, and expediting approvals. If your siblings are lawfully admitted to the United States and a visa is immediately available, we can pursue adjustment of status. Daniel Shanfield, Esq. Immigration Defense makes your success our highest priority. Our legal team takes a personal interest in your immigration problem and work to solve the matter quickly. We excel in resolving serious immigration problems. We urge you to contact a San Francisco and Jose Immigration defense lawyer.

Immigration of Brothers and Sisters

As a U.S. citizen, over age 21 and residing in the U.S. you may file an I-130 petition to bring your brothers and sisters to the United States for permanent residence. Your sibling's ages and marital status do not matter. You must have at least one common parent. This is a Family-Sponsored 4th preference and only 65,000 cases may be accepted each year. As a result there is a lengthy waiting list, as set forth in the Department of State Visa Bulletin.

Once your petition for your sibling has been approved, he or she may be accompanied by a spouse and any unmarried children under age 21. If a child reaches age 21 before approval is granted, we still may be able to gain admission for that child. You should have legal counsel review your particular circumstances.

Brother or Sister Already in the U.S.

Adjustment of status for your brothers is available for brothers and sisters of United States citizens present and lawfully admitted to the United States in connection with a previously filed petition if the visa is immediately available. Brothers and sisters who are here without inspection or who have overstayed their visas in general must leave the United States to apply for permanent residency unless they qualify for 245(i). Consult a lawyer before taking any action as there can be exceptions and there are serious consequences for leaving the United States after a period of unlawful presence.

Contact a San Francisco and San Jose immigration defense attorney at our firm for assistance with an immigration petition for your brother or sister.

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