K1/K3 Marriage Visa (Outside the US)

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When you are planning to bring your spouse or fiancé into the country, we definitely recommend you review your rights and responsibilities with a legal immigration professional beforehand. We can help you prepare the visa application forms and overcome inadmissibility issues. For assistance in the San Jose area, contact a San Francisco and San Jose immigration attorney.

Bringing in Your Fiancé

The first step, if you choose to marry in the U.S., is to apply for a K1 visa. This is a crucial step during which any point of inadmissibility must be dealt with and resolved correctly. Once approved, your fiancé may enter the U.S. with a non-immigrant status. You have 90 days to get married. After the marriage you can seek Adjustment of Status for your new spouse to permanent resident.

When You Marry First

If you elect to marry outside of the country, your spouse must have a K3 visa to enter with a non-immigrant status. After arriving in the country your spouse must file for adjustment of status to obtain a green card and may apply for a work permit while that application is pending. An experienced immigration lawyer will help you and your spouse to avoid costly errors in completing and filing these applications with USCIS.

Immigration Attorney in San Francisco and San Jose

Prior to entering into private practice, Mr. Shanfield served with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service as an attorney and prosecutor. For years, clients have relied upon Mr. Shanfield's unique insights and expertise for thoughtful immigration guidance and skilled defense. His stellar service to clients in immigration defense law has earned him a 10/10 AVVO.com rating as "Superb" in experience, industry recognition and professional conduct. At Daniel Shanfield, Esq. Immigration Defense we assist clients to bring their fiancés and spouses into the U.S.

It is very important to you to obtain the right visa for your fiancé or spouse to be legally situated and reunited with you. We are ready to help. Contact us for an in-depth legal consultation.

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