Consultations & Fees

San Jose Immigration Lawyer

Our firm is looking forward to helping you with your immigration problem. The first step is to meet with a highly-trained immigration attorney on our staff in a consultation meeting. From there, our firm can get a complete picture of your case to develop a cost-effective solution that get you the fastest results possible.

Our legal service fee for an initial attorney consultation is $180.00. For criminal immigration matters, our initial attorney consultation fee is $375.00. Consultations normally take 30 minutes to 45 minutes. You should bring all relevant immigration and/or criminal and family court materials to your consultation meeting. To reserve your consultation appointment, the consultation fee is payable at the time of scheduling.

Consultations Beyond Your Initial Evaluation

Additional consultations not for the purpose of retaining our firm but for obtaining legal advice is a service we are happy to provide. Legal advice consultations or consultations on considering immigration-safe criminal pleas are billed at the rate of $600.00 per hour, billed in advance for a full hour.

We endeavor to make consultations as informative as possible; however, certain questions are impossible to fairly and adequately answer unless our office has been retained as counsel on the case. For example, queries about the best way to answer questions on an immigration form, or advice on responding to specific questions by an immigration officer or immigration judge, cannot be handled within the scope of the consultation. Such issues require a more in depth understanding of your case than can be done during a half-hour consultation. It is only by preparing your immigration case that our office can devise an honest and helpful approach to your application form, interview, or deportation hearing.

Our Legal Fees

Regarding legal fees, we normally charge a flat rate for immigration legal services, with a deposit up front and the remainder paid in monthly installments. Cases before the state superior and federal courts however are billed at an hourly rate with an evergreen retainer deposit held in a client trust account. Our legal fees do not include government filing fees or other costs such as translations, expert witness opinions, or other reimbursable expenses (e.g., out-of-area travel, postage and delivery fees etc.). Our firm accepts as payment personal checks and money orders, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

“How much are your legal fees? Can you quote me your fees over the phone?”

You are unique, and so is your immigration case. Before we can quote a fee, our office must get a clear picture of your legal issues. We look at your immigration problem in its entirety, not just as set of forms that need to be to filled out. Fees can only be quoted after our office has met with you for a consultation, once we have all had a chance to figure out the nature of your legal problem, and the best solution to achieve your immigration goals. You deserve an individualized assessment of your case by a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer, who will first figure out your case before telling you how much it’s going to cost. For that reason, we cannot quote fees over the phone.

Not all law firms are created equal, and for that reason, not all law firms charge the same. Keep this in mind when picking an immigration lawyer based on price.

Contact our office at 408-359-4388 to schedule an appointment for in-depth legal advice from an experienced immigration defense lawyer.

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