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Do You Need Help with Your ICE Hold?

Immigration detention issues take experience and skill to resolve. Have you or a family member been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or placed on an ICE hold? Certain non-citizens in ICE detention can be released through an immigration custody hearing with the help of an established immigration bond lawyer in San Francisco and San Jose.

Our legal team is well versed in the conditions you must meet in order to be released on immigration bond, and will vigorously argue that 236(c) mandatory detention for crimes involving moral turpitude, controlled substances or aggravated felonies do not apply to your case.

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What Is the Bond Amount?

For some detained immigrants, ICE or the judge may release you “on your own recognizance”, which means you do not have to post an immigration bond. Usually though, ICE or the immigration judge sets a bond amount, the minimum being $1,500.

If you are released on bond and later do not appear for your immigration hearing, you will forfeit the amount of your bond and be taken back into ICE custody. You may have already had a hearing and the judge set a bond amount that you cannot pay.

In this case, your legal counsel can request a redetermination of the bond amount for you. A resourceful bond hearing attorney can assist you to request a waiver of the bond or to get a bond determination that you can afford to pay.

ICE Hold Defense Attorneys

We fight hard for our detained immigrant clients’ release. We provide the judge with evidence of our client’s good moral conduct, family ties and strong connections to the community. We introduce such evidence as length of time in the area, current employment, a clean criminal record, contributions to the community and close ties to family in the area.

When a client has already had a bond hearing with an unacceptable result, we attack the situation by seeking redetermination. If a client comes to us having already been through an unsuccessful redetermination hearing, we can fight for a new redetermination based on a change in circumstances, or we appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals for a review. Successfully resolving your immigration bond and getting you released from an ICE hold is our highest priority.

San Francisco and San Jose Immigration Bond Hearing Lawyer

We work to get clients released from custody by providing aggressive representation at bond hearings. Clients who need relief from oppressive bond requirements benefit from our help.

Mr. Shanfield, our founding attorney, is a former clinical law professor at New York Law School and a former Immigration and Naturalization Service attorney and prosecutor. Mr. Shanfield has been recognized as a Northern California Immigration “Super Lawyer” by San Francisco Magazine for his practice in immigration defense.

He has a 10/10 AVVO rating and is ranked as “Superb” in experience, industry recognition, professional conduct.

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