Parents of U.S. Citizens

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Daniel Shanfield Esq. Immigration Defense provides skilled guidance and dedicated representation to U.S. citizens seeking permanent residency status for their parents. For years, we have successfully provided legal solutions for clients facing serious immigration problems. Mr. Shanfield has successfully fought for immigrants and their families throughout the San Jose area and has earned the respect of the California legal community. A former New York law professor and former United States Immigration and Naturalization Service attorney and prosecutor, Daniel is rated a Northern California Immigration “Super Lawyer” by San Francisco Magazine. He has an AVVO 10/10 rating and is judged “Superb” in experience, industry recognition and professional conduct.

Our firm understands that you depend on our insightful legal strategies to successfully resolve your immigration issues and help you to obtain permanent resident status for your parents. Contact a San Francisco and San Jose immigration lawyer to obtain the best possible results.

Applying for Permanent Status for Parents

You must be a U.S. citizen over the age of 21 and presently living in the United States. If your parents are currently outside of the country, you may apply with an I-130 petition. They will be interviewed at the local U.S. embassy or consulate. They may not bring other children into the U.S. with them. You must file separate petitions for your siblings.

If your parents are already legally in the U.S. with non-resident status, you may file the I-130 petition along with the application for adjustment of status. They may seek a work permit at the same time. If your parents entered the country legally but then overstayed, you may still file an adjustment of status petition. They must not leave the country without the advice of an immigration attorney. They must stay in the United States until your petition is approved.

If Parents are Here Without Inspection

If your parents are in the United States without an inspection, they will generally be required to leave the country. After you have filed your petition they will be scheduled for a visa interview at a U.S. consulate in their home country. Under certain circumstances, such as qualification under 245(i), your parents may not be required to leave the country, so be sure to discuss the matter with us first. We are prepared to do everything possible to help you obtain permanent residency for your parents.

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